Interior Design

We pride ourselves on our interior design schemes. We don’t stick with a particular style. We have designed both classical and ultra-modern interiors or interiors which seamlessly blend particular styles with modern technology, giving them a fresh and unmistakably contemporary feel.

The mood of a room is often more important than styles and in most cases it is the desired moods that drive our interior designs as well as the need for natural light and pragmatism. But ultimately, we naturally work within our clients’ preferences.

We also design furniture to seamlessly blend into your environment and, with the help of specialized manufacturers whom we have worked with in the past, we ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations while also being practical.



With more than a decade of experience in procurement and sourcing, our well-managed, strategic, process is a guaranteed route to securing significant cost savings without compromising on quality.

Procurement is a complex activity requiring knowledge and expertise, as well as time and resources in order to achieve optimum value from outsourced services. Our knowledge and expertise ultimately lowers the costs to you, the client.

Our core procurement and sourcing services include:

Sourcing renewable, sustainable and recyclable materials
Maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers
Site logistics and delivery management



We understand that your busy lifestyle can leave little time for home improvements. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking care of everything for you. From minor alterations to a complete overhaul or new build, we aim to deliver the highest quality workmanship whilst causing the least disruption to your homelife.

With over twenty years’ experience in building and installation you can rely on Q&As to complete your project on time, with an unmatched level of professionalism and for a price to suit your budget.



Our installation team will ensure that your project runs efficiently and smoothly. We adhere to strict guidelines during the installation process to reduce delays or prevent damage to your property. We always protect your property using plastic protectors, dust sheets whilst keeping the jobsite free from clutter.